– A robust PC, with Windows 7 – the machine is strong and fast, loaded with just enough RAM – it works as a power plant,
– Focusrite Scarlet 2i2 USB sound card,
– X1832 USB Behringer Mixer,
– Behringer Virtualizer Pro, and Modulizer Pro multieffect processors,
– Alesis Midiverb multieffect processor,
– Korg and Roland rackmodul synthesizers,
– M-Audio Keystation 61 II USB MIDI kontroller,
– M-Audio MIDI interface,
– Rode microphones: NT 1-A, NT 3
– Boss VE-2 Vocal Harmonist,
– Digitech Vocalist Live 2,
– Tascam SD 20M Solid State Digital Recorder,
– Professional 100 W HD Power Amplifier, with relevant Magnat studio monitor,
– Senheiser HD 598 and Sony Studio Headphones,
– Huges&Kettner Tubemaster guitar preamp,
– Line 6 Spider II. modelling guitar amplifier, + Yamaha Digi Stomp, and a dozen Boss effect pedals,
– Actually four guitars: two Fender Telecasters, Peavey Predator, Yamaha Acoustic. (meantime, tree from the previous assortment are alredy sold).

– Cakewalk Artist musical studio software – with lots of VST plug-in, included many professional virtual musical instruments,
– Sound Forge Pro 10 digital audio software – for intermediate, and final mastering. (every software are licenced)